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he textbook has received outstanding reviews in major scientific jour­nals. In a review not cited here, Graham R. Cherryman, professor of radiology at Leicester Royal Infirmary, called it even "a delight". These reviews were an incentive for us to continue the project and try to improve it.

The following excerpts refer to earlier printed English editions.

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Radiology • 2002; 224: 152.
Review by Kenneth A. Kraft, PhD;
Richmond, Virginia, U.S.A.

his excellent primer, which addresses theory and applications of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and spectroscopy, is targeted at medical students, residents, technologists, and clinicians seeking an introductory MR resource. As noted in the foreword, a comprehensive or exhaustive treatment of the subject was not attempted. Nevertheless, remarkably little important material has been omitted, and, consequently, the editor and contributors have succeeded in their stated intention "to lead the readers to a fundamental understanding to be able to explore the details and new developments by themselves …

The reviewer sums up:
"One of the most lucid and best illustrated introductory MR texts."

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European Radiology • 2002; 12; 712.
Review by P. Van Hecke;
Leuven, Belgium

he success of this well-known introductory textbook has prompted the authors to completely revise the last (third) edition published in 1993. The content has been updated and a major facelift makes the book a very attractive entry text in the field. Tables and illustrations have been restyled using colours …

The reviewer sums up:
"An outstanding book, an excellent well-proven didactic approach."

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Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging • 2003; 17: 383–385.
Review by Claudia Hillenbrand, Ph.D.;
Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.

he text has been written in such a way that newcomers to the field will be provided with the concepts, explanations and illustrations, necessary to master the basics of magnetic resonance in medicine”. This is the primary goal of author Peter A. Rinck stated in the foreword of his textbook Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, a book that serves as the primary textbook of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum, an organization with the mission to organize continuing education meetings on MR imaging and spectroscopy in medicine …

The reviewer sums up:
"The book more than fulfills its attempted purpose."

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Amazon Customer Reviews
Review by Cupido Daniels, Ph.D.;
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

his text, which has subsequently been replaced by the 2003 Fifth Edition, is by far the best treatise of MRI at it's basic level. It contains numerous colour illustrations, often supplemented by clinical images, to illustrate the rather confusing physical principles of MRI … Every radiology resident interested in understanding the basics of MRI physics should have one.

"This text is by far the best treatise of MRI at the basic level."

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RoeFo — Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen • 2001; 173: 1117.
Review by Arno Bücker;
Aachen, Germany.

n the foreword the author states: 'If you find any mistakes in this book, rest insured that they are intentionally so as not to provoke the gods with something which is perfect.' By this the author arouses great expectations in the reader …

The reviewer sums up:
"In fact, an MR expert has finally succeeded in putting himself in the MR beginner's shoes, explaining the necessary basic knowledge in a very vivid and entertaining way."