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Peter A. Rinck

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Peter A. Rinck
University Professor of Medical Imaging
Doctorate in History of Medicine (Medical Climatology)

Academic Résumé

Classical school education. Medical school (Free Uni­ver­si­ty of Berlin). Early exposure to radiology in Switzerland, residency in diagnostic ra­dio­logy, nuc­lear medicine and ra­di­a­tion therapy at Char­lot­ten­burg Uni­ver­si­ty Hospital in Berlin. Further training in nuc­lear medicine at Loyola University Medical Cen­ter, Chicago. Senior Research As­so­cia­te, State Uni­ver­si­ty of New York at Stony Brook (Research group of Paul C. Lau­ter­bur; Nobel Prize in Medicine 2003). Sub­se­quent­ly physician-in-charge at the NMR re­search group at Deut­sche Kli­nik für Dia­gnos­tik, Wies­baden, Ger­many, and re­si­dent in radiology at Wies­baden Gene­ral Hos­pi­tal. Lecturer at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mainz, Ger­many.

1986-2014 Adjunct and Visiting Professor at the School of Medicine and Pharmacy of the University of Mons-Hainaut in Belgium. Since 1987 University Professor of Ra­dio­logy; 1987-1994 Head of the Mag­ne­tic Re­so­nance Cen­ter at the University of Trond­heim, Norway (at that time Europe's biggest clinical and research MR facility). Since 2008 President of the Council, The Round Table Foun­da­tion (TRTF).

Visiting Professorships: The Neurological Institute of Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia (1986); Cha­ri­té Uni­ver­si­ty Hos­pi­tal, Me­di­cal Faculty of Hum­boldt Uni­ver­si­ty, Ber­lin, Germany (1991-1992); et al.

Since 1982 Chair­man of the European Magnetic Resonance Forum (EMRF); president of the Euro­pean So­cie­ty for Mag­ne­tic Re­so­nance in Me­di­cine and Bio­logy, 1985-1987; president of the annual meetings 1989 and 2002. Chair­man of the Se­lect­ion Com­mit­tee of the European Magnetic Resonance Award and, since 2012, Chairman of the Exe­cu­ti­ve Board of the Pro Academia Prize. For many years sci­en­ti­fic con­sul­tant and ex­pert ad­viser to in­ter­na­tional companies, organizations, and foundations (among them World Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion, Euro­pean Com­mis­sion, UN In­dust­rial De­ve­lop­ment Or­ga­ni­za­tion, the No­bel Com­mit­tee).

Honorary, founding, or or­di­na­ry mem­ber of nu­me­rous pro­fes­si­onal and learned so­cie­ties. Among others, awards and prizes from the Alexander von Hum­boldt Foun­da­tion, Max Kade Foun­da­tion, North At­lan­tic Treaty Or­ga­ni­za­tion, Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­sion, Fonds na­tio­nal de la re­cher­che scien­ti­fi­que en Belgique, the Research Council of Norway, German Research Foundation (DFG).

Author and/or editor of several books — not only scien­ti­fic or me­di­cal — an e-learning website in se­ve­ral lan­gua­ges, nu­me­rous papers in refereed jour­nals (in­clud­ing fun­da­men­tal research papers on the development of mag­ne­tic re­so­nan­ce imag­ing and AI for medical imaging) and com­mu­ni­ca­tions to in­ter­na­tio­nal scien­ti­fic and aca­de­mic meetings; since 1990 Rinckside (learned columns) — and a great num­ber of contributions to the culture (feuilleton) sections of lead­ing Ger­man news­papers.

There is, of course, far more to a life — beyond the "et al." … but not in this short résumé.

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