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Acronyms and Abbreviations



O oxygen
OMP oral magnetic particles

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P phosphorus
PA pulse angle; → φ
PAT parallel acquisition technique
PBP percentage of baseline at peak
PC phase contrast
PCA phase-contrast angiography
PC-MRA phase-contrast MR angiography
PD proton density; → ρ
PEAR phase-encoded artifact reduction
PET positron emission tomography
PFI partial flip imaging
PILS parallel imaging with localized sensitivities
PION poly-crystalline iron oxide nano-compound
pixel picture element
PPA partially parallel acquisition
ppm parts per million
PRESS point resolved spectroscopy
PRESTO principle of echo shifting with train of observation
PS [1] partial saturation; [2] presaturation
PSIF reverse fast imaging with steady precession
PW-MR pulsed wave magnetic resonance

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Q quality factor
QUEST quick echo-split imaging technique
QUIPPS quantitative imaging of perfusion using a single subtraction

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r relaxivity (r1, r2)
R relaxation rate (R1, R2)
RAGE rapidly acquired gradient echoes
RAM-FAST rapidly acquired magnetization-prepared Fourier-acquired steady state
RARE rapid acquisition with relaxation enhancement
RFS-FAST RF-spoiled Fourier-acquired steady state
RF radiofrequency
RF-spoiled RF-spoiled Fourier-acquired
R-GRE refocused gradient echo
RISE rapid imaging spin echo
ROAST resonant offset averaging in the steady state
RODEO rotating delivery of excitation off resonance
ROI region of interest
ROPE respiratory-ordered phase encoding
RS rapid scan
RSE rapid spin echo

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SAR (1) specific absorption rate
(2) saturation recovery single shot acquisition
SAPPHIRE saturation pulse prepared heart rate independent inversion recovery
SASHA specific absorption rate
SE spin echo
SE-CSI spin-echo chemical shift imaging
SENSE sensitivity encoding
S-GRE spoiled gradient echo
SI signal intensity
ShMOLLI shortened modified LL IR technique
SHORT short repetition technique
SMASH (1) short minimum-angle shot;
(2) simultaneous acquisiton of spatial harmonics
SNR (S/N) signal-to-noise ratio
SPECT single-photon emission computed tomography
SPGR spoiled gradient-recalled
SPIO superparamagnetic iron oxide (nanoparticles)
SR saturation recovery (better: PS - partial saturation)
SS steady state
SSFP steady-state free precession
STAGE small tip angle gradient echo
STAGE:T1W small tip angle gradient echo: T1-weighted
STAR signal targeting with alternating radiofrequency
STEAM stimulated echo acquisition mode
STEP stimulated echo progressive imaging
STERF steady-state technique with refocused free induction decay
STEV stimulated echo volumetry
STIR short TI inversion recovery
SVS single voxel spectroscopy